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We're EXPERD Consultant, one of Indonesia's leading human resource development consultancies. Since 1989 we've built a reputation for delivering high-quality HR solutions to meet our clients' needs. We've been privileged to work with everyone from local NGOs to multinational corporations, from construction to cosmetics, building up a client list that now includes more than 1000 organizations based across Indonesia. We know recruitment. We know people management. And we know this, too: that no matter what the company is, there's no better investment for their future than high qualified employees.

That's why we're proud to present ExperdFresh +, a website dedicated to help connect you with lots of potential candidates. We connect candidates directly with our clients and make sure both employees and candidates get what they want. Our Experd Accounts have been carefully designed to be as useful as possible, unlocking access to regular job updates, easy online applications and a web-based CV-builder. With ExperdFresh +, finding the best candidates has never been easier.

A better future awaits and we invite every candidate to dream big. Take the first step towards your dream job with ExperdFresh + !